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VARIOUS ARTISTS-Katalepsy/Barbarity/Smersh/Posthumous Blasphemer

Альбом: Katalepsy/Barbarity/Smersh/Posthumous Blasphemer
Год выхода: 2004
Тип: CD
Жанр: brutal death
Лейбл: More Hate Productions


01. Cut The Filthy Skin
02. Plague
03. Need To Rip [Remixed Version]
04. Suffer The Children [NAPALM DEATH Cover]
05. Femicide [Tortureous Killing]
06. Nobody Will Hear My Scream
07. Intro
08. Vagina Coca-Cola
09. Violence Therapy
10. New Slaves Of Capitalism
11. I Did Not Like My Wife [I Killed Her By Knife]
12. Corporation Of Death
13. Flesh
14. Abortion
15. Money [Shit]
16. From My Windows
17. Militarism
18. Drugs
19. Road Trip
20. All My Hate [Only For You]
21. Outro
22. Blood Lust [bonus]
23. No More Heroes [bonus]
Posthumous Blasphemer
24. Once Punished By Death
25. Evil From Primitive Things
26. Disdain The God
27. Trinity Stench
28. Denial Abyss

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