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Dr. Faust - Interactive DeformationDr. Faust - Interactive Deformation

Band: Dr. Faust
Album: Interactive Deformation
Year: 2022
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Fresh Meat Production


1 Bulldozer Assassination
2 Bloodbath Foam
3 Intensive Care
4 Never Throw The Banana Skin Under My Feet
5 Genocide Addiction
6 Call From The Other Side
7 Kill & Break (The Pokemon Way)
8 Coming Of Street Violator
9 Blindness
10 Cause Of Stress Is Emotional Devastation
11 Defecational Gastronomy
12 Wings Of Brutality
13 Deformated Reasons
14 Anti-Feminist Song
15 Night Stalking Confession
16 Uninhumed
17 Alcoholic Depression
18 The Story About The Morning After
19 Kill In The Moshpit
20 Search, Find, Kill
21 The Haunted Place
22 Mortum Ad Nauseum
23 Return Of Mumbo-Jumbo
24 Exhumation Delivery
25 May Be He Her Brother
26 Worms Of Your Smile
27 Full Moon Massacre

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350 р.
350 р.
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