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Cerebus - Chapter BlackCerebus - Chapter Black

Band: Cerebus
Album: Chapter Black
Year: 2017/2018
Country: United States
Format: CD
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Label: Inherited Suffering Records


1. Karyolysis 01:59
2. Bleeding Planet (Hemorrhage Ov My Earth) 03:56
3. I Cut Myself to Bleed Out the Devil, But, the Deeper I Dig, the Closer I Grow to Him 04:05
4. Sacramento Silver Bullets 02:58
5. I Want to Exterminate All the Sinners on This Earth, So I Will Kill Myself First 03:36
6. I Lust Over the Angst Portrayed Through Your Varicose Veins 03:19
7. Intact Dilation and Extraction 03:24
8. Progress (From Where I Was, I Am Now Regressing) 02:53
9. Lynnfield (Who I Am Hates Who I Have Been) 03:18

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